From an ususual job emerged an affirming life philosophy, and Cherise Nelson-Turner hasn’t looked back since.

It certainly wasn’t your “average” job. For a six-year span in her mid-20s, Cherise Nelson-Turner excelled in her role as a sales manager at Santa Paula Cemetery, and an At-Need counselor on the islands of Maui and Oahu. During that time, she was reminded on a daily basis just how fragile life can be. She later returned to California and eventually came to an important realization. Even though she was very successful helping families take care of their final arrangements, the emotional toll of her career inspired her not only to change her line of work, but to alter her entire outlook on life.

“I saw the grounds crew digging graves every day,” Cherise recalls. “It became very real to me how quickly life can be over, and I realized how important it is to make the most of every day and every moment.”

Left: Cherise and John embrace every opportunity to live the San Diego lifestyle to the fullest.
Right: Cherise’s passion for helping others always comes shining through in her dedicated approach to achieving your real estate goals.


A Powerful Outlook

Anyone who knows this hardy, Alaskan-born woman – Cherise and her twin sister were the first set of twins born on the tiny island of Petersburg in 30 years – will tell you she certainly lives up to that standard, even all these years later. Whether it’s simply taking time to appreciate the little things in life like a nice view outside her office window, or enjoying the scenery while driving down the road, or spending time with her rescue dog, Kai, Cherise appreciates every moment. She’s not the type of person to coast through life, instead purposely making each day a meaningful effort. You might find her enjoying a sunset on the beach with her husband, John, or digging her hands in the dirt to bring life to her garden. She also loves spending time with her kitties, Kalie & Hankie, and her turtles, Dude and Lena.

Cherise grew up in Portland, Oregon, and has lived in many different places, but when she moved to San Diego in 2001, she quickly realized she’d discovered the perfect place for her to call home. With unlimited activity right outside her front door, Cherise takes full advantage of the lifestyle, the incredible climate and the beautiful scenery. “San Diego is a city that makes you feel good every second of every day,” she says. “I wake up feeling good and I go to bed feeling good.”

A Natural Transition

Where Cherise’s love for San Diego, her motivated personality and her ability to make every moment count all intersect is in her long-running real estate career. Since 2004, Cherise has thrived on helping people make the most of their real estate opportunities in the South Bay and throughout San Diego County. When you work with Cherise toward the sale or purchase of a home, her passion for the area is infectious and she knows the market inside and out.

Her business motto, Making Every Moment Count, perfectly encapsulates how she strives to provide the absolute best possible experience for her clients. To Cherise, real estate is all about helping people live their lives to the fullest. For buyers, that means helping them find just the right property to fit their lifestyle and budget, while for sellers, it means helping them move on to the next stage of their lives while making smart financial decisions in the process.

Make It Count!

If you’re considering a move in the South Bay or anywhere throughout Greater San Diego, make the most of the process with a proven real estate expert who is Making Every Moment Count. Call Cherise Nelson-Turner today to schedule a private consultation and to get started on your best move yet!